What can parents do to help their child start school?

Starting school for the first time can feel like a big move for any child, but sometimes even more so for their parents. Read our tips and tricks below from parents who have been through it themselves. What would they do differently? How do you balance the educational preparation with practical skills like putting on shoes?

The main thing to remember is – they will be ok!

“Teach them to recognise their own name but otherwise don’t become too hung up on the ‘education’ side of things before they start – instead focus on the being able to deal with their lunchbox, do up their coat and get changed for PE easily – these things will make their lives a lot easier and the teachers will be grateful too!”, Catherine

“Label everything! Vests, socks, water bottle, shoes, not just the obvious stuff. I got stickers that are perfect for clothes labels, and also work on shoes and water bottles!”, Catherine

“I started a parent group on Facebook for parents of children in our class! It has been fantastic for remembering homework or letters or if you need help collecting/dropping off your child! We have really bonded and go out as a group as much as possible.”, Cherry

“Don’t force anything with your child. Enjoy reading, enjoy writing, enjoy drawing if that’s what they like! If not, don’t stress, they are all different and develop at different paces.”, Claudia

“Let children have freedom of choice. Don’t restrict them to certain types of books, or tell them they’re too old for types of books.”, Jo

“Have a pyjama day at nursery to practise changing out of the clothes they arrive in into PJs and back again. They love it!”, Sarah

Do you have any more tips for parents and carers with children starting school for the first time? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter!

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