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Chris Higgins


Chris Higgins was born and brought up in South Wales. She now lives in Cornwall with her husband, four children, a sheepdog, a rabbit and a goldfish that will be 21 this year! For many years she worked as a Secondary school teacher in English and Drama. Chris loves theatre and between writing helps at the Minack, the open-air theatre on the cliffs near Lands End. Chris also loves to travel and is a great believer in taking control of your own life and making the most of your opportunities. Chris’s novels deal with issues that every teenager can identify with.

Books by Chris Higgins

Awards won by Chris Higgins

Chris Higgins won the 2009 YoungMinds Book Award for A Perfect 10, the Lincolnshire Young People’s Book Award for It’s a 50-50 Thing and the Kernow Youth Book Award for He’s After Me.

Interview with Chris Higgins

What is your favourite book?

Macbeth. Not really a book I know, but it comes in book form so can I cheat and say this? I loved it as a teenager and I’ve acted in it (3rd witch!) and taught it loads of times. I ended up writing a book based around it, 32C, That’s Me.

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Being on holiday in St Ives. We stayed in a caravan and had miniature pots of jam for breakfast and it was so hot I got blisters on my arms. I loved it so much, I came to live here 25 years later. The beaches are still just as beautiful.

If you could invite any five people to dinner, who would you choose?

Jamie Oliver so he could cook the dinner; Paul McCartney because I was in love with him for years; Paul Merton because he’s incredibly funny and quick-witted; Billy Connelly because he’s outrageous and you never know what to expect next and Shakespeare because he’d have loads of stories to tell.

Do you have any pets?

For 16 years we had a lovely sheepdog called Gypsy. We also had a rabbit called Hiccup and a killer goldfish called Bubble who would attack any other fish that were put in her tank. The only one that’s left now is Bubble and she’s 21 years old which I think must be some sort of record for a fish!

What do you like to do at the weekend?

I love to meet my friends, drink cappuccino and gossip! In the summer I like lazing on the beach all day then eating out and drinking white wine and in winter I like going for strenuous cliff walks then coming home to hot chocolate with marshmallows.