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Book of the Month

Book of the Month

For our November Book Club, our literacy experts have chosen three Books of the Month to inspire you and your pupils to share books in the classroom. For younger readers aged 0-6, give Snowball a go, and teenagers will love Mortal Engines .

Each of the books is available as handy class packs in sets of 6 or 30, or of course, individually. You can also find plenty of useful resources, activities and recommended reading lists for each book below.

Mini Review - Snowball
Mortal Engines
Book of the Month


Mini Book of the Month

We all love to throw a snowball! But what’s it like to be a snowball? Hmm: I bet you’ve never even thought of that! Well, grab your woolly hat and gloves, because Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet are telling a weird and wonderful story that brings a snowball to life. (Oh snow many giggles!) The snowball is kind of lonely, stuck at the top of a mountain. So he decides to visit the local town for a bit of fun. But on his way he trips, falls and starts to roll. What do you think will happen now? There’s snow and more snow, a line of washing, a bear on a bike and a confused sheep. Soon, the story is snowballing totally out of control!

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Our recommended reads for Snowball

Mortal Engines

Teen Book of the Month

Mortal Engines
The most thrilling vision of the future you’ll ever see. Danger: London is hungry! London is a beast on wheels: a future city like you’ve never known before. After the apocalyptic Sixty Minute War, the world’s surviving cities turned predator – chasing and feeding on other towns. Now London is hunting. But something deadly is hiding on board. Oh – and we don’t mean the scarred angry girl with the knife… A blasted future. Moving cities. Stalking robotic hunters. A secret weapon that could blow the world apart (again). Want to see it all? Hitch a ride on London. Just mind the cyborg assassins. And don’t fall overboard.

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