Help and frequently asked questions

Can I pay by invoice?

Invoices must be billed to a valid school address. If you do not work at a school, you will need to pay by debit or credit card.

When requesting an invoice you will need to provide a contact name and an invoice number. The invoice number is for your school records, so if you’re not sure what to put ask your bursar or school secretary.

Please note that if you are purchasing for a school outside of Ireland we will require you to pay your invoice in full before we can ship your order.

Cheques must to be made payable to Scholastic Ireland Limited.

How can I contact you?

We’re always happy to help with any queries you may have.

Call us between 9am-5pm on:

1800 272 321

+353 1830 6798 (For outside of Ireland)

Fax us on:

01830 1655

+353 1830 1655 (For outside of Ireland)

Email us at:

Write to us at:

Setanta Book Clubs
Unit 89E
Lagan Road
Dublin Industrial Estate

How can I get my books delivered to my child’s school?

If your child’s school has a Book Club order open you can have your books delivered to the school for FREE . This will be as part of the whole school’s order that will be distributed to the children in class.

As you go through the checkout choose the school that you’d like the delivery to be made to receive free books from your order. When you get to the delivery screen you will be able to choose the school for your delivery address. If this is not an option then the school does not have a Book Club order open. You will need to check with the school to find out when this will be available.

How do I remove a school from my list of schools?

To remove a school from your list of schools at the top of the page just go to your Manage Account page, scroll down the page until you see your list of schools and then select the ‘remove’ cross on the right-hand side. (Please note: If you have asked us to deliver an order to this school you will not be able to delete it.)

How do I spend my Scholastic Rewards?

Rewards can be used by schools to purchase most of the hundreds of books and resources available to buy from Scholastic.

You can spend Rewards online by logging in your school Book Club account. When browsing the shop online simply select the ‘Buy with Rewards’ button and these items will be included in your order for free. You can also download a paper order form to spend your Rewards.

To find out more, take a look at our guide to Scholastic Rewards.

How long will it take for my books to be delivered?

This will depend on how you choose to have your books delivered:

1. Home delivery
If you choose to have your books delivered directly, you should receive them within 8 working days of placing your order. P+P is FREE for orders of €30 or more. For orders under €30 there’s a charge of €6. For deliveries outside of Ireland and the UK charges and times will vary.

2. Book Club order delivery
If you have your books delivered to your child’s school for FREE your Book Club Organiser in school should be able to tell you when the books will arrive. They will need to confirm the whole school’s order and then we will deliver the books to school within 8 working days.

3. School delivery
If you work in a school in Ireland you can have your books delivered to the school address for FREE. Delivery will take up to 8 working days.

How many Scholastic Rewards do I have?

If you work for a school you may receive your Scholastic Rewards online or printed on your advice note.

Online Rewards

You can find out your online Rewards balance by logging in to this site, selecting Manage account at the top of the page and then choosing the Rewards link from the menu.

Printed Rewards

The value of any printed Rewards that you have received will only be taken from your order if you enter the serial number into the appropriate box during checkout process. Your printed Rewards will not be displayed as part of the total on the left-hand side of the Scholastic Shop pages.

Getting help

If you think that your online Rewards total is incorrect, or if your printed serial number is not recognised, please call us on 1800 272 321.

I’m a school. Can you tell me how I can get free books?

When anyone places an order over €20 on this site they’re asked to choose a school that will benefit from their order. We’ll give 20% of their order value to the school of their choice to spend on books.

Just ask staff and parents to search for your school when they’re prompted at the checkout in order to get free books. At the end of each month your school will receive Scholastic Rewards in the post worth 20% of the total value of orders allocated to your school for that month. You can redeem Rewards against a wide range of books and resources in any of our current catalogues including most of the books in this shop. Scholastic Rewards are valid for 12 months.

You can earn even more FREE BOOKS by running a Book Club in your school. *“Find out more at .

What are Scholastic Rewards?

Schools earn Scholastic Rewards by running Book Clubs and Book Fairs, and also through purchases made by parents and teachers from our shop – we donate 20 cents in Scholastic Rewards to a school of the customer’s choice for every €1 spent on the Scholastic Shop on orders over €20.

Rewards can be used by schools to purchase most of the hundreds of books and resources, at full RRP, available to buy from Scholastic.

How to use Scholastic Rewards

What is a Lexile?

Lexiles are the global standard in reading assessment. They are unique as they are able to measure a child and a book on the same scale – ensuring the right book gets to the right child at the right time. Lexile measures are based on over 30 years of research and are the most widely adopted measure of reading level and text difficulty. Teachers and students use Lexile measures to select books at a level that will challenge students – not so difficult as to be frustrating, but difficult enough to encourage reading growth. Find out more at

Lexiles will be represented by a number followed by the letter ‘L’ for Lexile. For example: 650L The number is based on computer analysis of semantic elements of whole prose text, word frequency and sentence length. In addition, the theme, content and age-appropriateness are taken into account. Occasionally, there are more letters that appear before the number, such as HL650L. These codes are:

AD: Adult Directed

Picture books are frequently considered for an AD or “adult directed” code because they are usually read to a child, rather than a child reading them independently.

NC: Non-Conforming

The NC code is applied to books that have a Lexile measure markedly higher than is typical for the publisher’s intended audience or designated developmental level of the book.

HL: High-Low

A text designated as “HL” has a Lexile measure much lower than the average reading ability of the intended age range of its readers.

IG: Illustrated Guide

The IG code is applied to books that consist of independent pieces or sections of text such as in an encyclopedia or glossary.

GN: Graphic Novel

The GN code indicates that the book is a graphic novel or comic book.

BR: Beginning Reader

Beginning Reader (BR) is a code given to readers and text that are below 0L on the Lexile scale.

NP: Non-Prose

NP stands for Non-Prose. Some common examples of non-prose content are poems, plays, songs, recipes, and text with non-standard or absent punctuation.

What is my credit card security code?

Most Credit and Debit Cards

Credit card Security Number

Your card’s security code (CVC) is the final three digits found on the signature strip on the reverse of your card.

American Express

American Express Card Security Code

The security code (CVC) for your American Express card is a four-digit number located on the front of your credit card, to the right of your main credit card number.

What is your refund, return and cancellation policy?

Can I return my item for an exchange?

If you’re not happy with an item you’ve ordered then just return it to us within 28 days for an exchange or refund.

Setanta Book Clubs
Unit 89E
Lagan Road
Dublin Industrial Estate

How can I return an incorrect or damaged item?

Should you receive any items that are incorrect or damaged, please call us on 1800 272 321 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) and we will of course send a replacement straight away, free of charge.

Setanta Book Clubs
Unit 89E
Lagan Road
Dublin Industrial Estate

Can I cancel an order?

If you would like to cancel an order please call us on 1800 272 321 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) to find out if this is possible. If the order has already been despatched you can return it to us for a refund within 28 days.

What should my Book Club order name be?

If there is more than one Book Club running at your school, when parents order online they will be asked to choose which Club they would like to order from.

You should therefore give your Club a name that parents will recognise, for example, ‘Mrs Smith’s Spring Book Club’.

This is what a list of open orders might look like:

List of open Book Club orders at one school

When do you automatically close school group orders?

We’ll automatically check out parents’ orders that have been paid for online three days after your deadline date. If you want to get their books earlier you can always return and confirm them before this time.

Got extra school orders? Then please add them to your basket before we close it and confirm the order so that we can get all your books sent to you together. If you don’t confirm it within the three days then we’ll just send you the books parents have ordered and paid for online so that you can have chance to complete your school order in your own time.

Got an alternative delivery address? If you’d like your school group order to be sent to an address that’s different to your nursery or school address then please confirm your order within three days after the deadline date and change your delivery address as you go through the checkout.

When will my child’s Book Club order arrive?

The Book Club Organiser at your school should be able to let you know when the order is expected in. After the deadline has passed they will then need to confirm the total order and we will then deliver the books to school for them to distribute in 8 working days.

Why haven’t I received any Book Club leaflets?

Many of our Book Club offers are now online-only. This is a much quicker and easier way to run a Book Club as there are no paper order forms or cash payments for schools and parents to deal with.

How an online-only Book Club works:

  1. A staff member at school sets up a new Book Club order via our website.
  2. Parents and children go online and browse the latest Book Club range.
  3. Parents order and pay securely online.
  4. The books are delivered to school for FREE.
  5. Every order earns FREE BOOKS for school.

Find out more about Book Clubs