Product description

Book Fair Gift Vouchers are the simple, secure way to ensure your child gets the books they want when the Scholastic or Celtic Travelling Book Fair arrives in school.

Perfect for cashless schools, gift vouchers are pre-paid and can be given to your child if you can’t make it to the Book Fair.

It’s a great way to save money too. Buying a pre-paid gift voucher gives you 20% extra free to spend at the Book Fair – meaning you get a €12 voucher for only €10.

Before making a purchase, please read this important information:

  • A gift voucher can only be purchased for a specific upcoming Book Fair at a school and is non-transferable
  • You will receive the gift voucher as an email when your purchase is complete
  • Please print out your voucher and take it to the Book Fair to spend, handing it to the Book Fair Organiser for verification
  • Every gift voucher (or book) you buy at your Book Fair helps your school to earn Rewards to spend on free books and resources for classrooms and the library

Read our voucher terms and conditions