Fantastic Mr Fox

Suitable for 7 - 12 years

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Boggis, Bunce and Bean are the meanest, foulest farmers in the world! So when they declare war on Mr Fox, who has been stealing their chickens and cider to feed the starving animals on the hillside, they mean business! They are determined to get Mr Fox. They lie in wait outside his hole each day, crouching behind trees with loaded guns; ready to shoot, starve or dig Mr Fox out. But Mr Fox is a crafty, noble fox with lots of little foxlets to feed, and he isn’t going to give up that easily. With the help of his friends Rabbit and Badger, he thinks up an ingenious plan to evade their shotguns and shovels… One of Roald Dahl’s most charismatic characters comes to flamboyant life in this best-loved novel – a true childhood essential.

Also available: Read and Respond activities to accompany Fantastic Mr Fox.

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Accelerated Reader

AR book level: 4.1; Middle years; 1.0 points

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  • 108 pages




Roald Dahl

Photo of Roald Dahl


  1. Rumaysa
    on 21 November 2013


    This is the best book i have ever read
    It is amazing

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What kids think

  1. Cheerforevers
    on 9 March 2014

    This is about mr fox hiding with his family from 3 farmers.

  2. AngelofDeath
    on 8 March 2014

    The book is really funny about a sly Mr Fox who outwits Boggis, Bunce and Bean the stupid farm owners who will do anything to see him dead. I think the book is better than the movie.

  3. Venera2
    on 4 March 2014


  4. aquamarinebamboo
    on 1 January 2014

    Really funny and imaginative book

    4out of 5
  5. 10000madison
    on 19 October 2013

    funny hilarious

    4out of 5
  6. lit102
    on 5 April 2013

    I never get bored of this book its the best

  7. Bear10
    on 26 March 2013

    It’s okay it’s not the best book in the world

    3out of 5
  8. cathy6
    on 19 March 2013

    really really good

  9. queenie13
    on 8 March 2013

    i like this book

    4out of 5
  10. fiery75orange
    on 7 March 2013


  11. swimming10
    on 7 March 2013

    Really good!

    5out of 5
  12. ellie-melay27
    on 6 March 2013

    really good and funny book and i hope you like it as much as i do. and yeh. if you haven’t watched the film i recommend you do that too! xxx

  13. Helloioioi
    on 6 March 2013

    this book is awesome i sort of felt sorry for mr fox

  14. lap312i
    on 6 March 2013

    i like the cover

  15. rockstar101
    on 6 March 2013

    amazing book you have to read it

  16. ninjastickman
    on 5 March 2013

    This story of how a fox sneaks food from farms and gets away with it is truly unforgetable!

    5out of 5
  17. jesjen
    on 5 March 2013

    As I have read the book, fantastic Mr Fox, I want to tell you guys all about it!

    Plot: The foxes steal food from a farm but the farmers find out. It leads to the foxes having to live underground without food or drink. What will fantastic Mr Fox come up with. Read it to find out!

    Author: The author Roald Dahl is world renowned and personally, he’s one of my favourite author’s

    So read this book NOW!

  18. rahul2313
    on 5 March 2013

    the coolest book ever verry funny

  19. Paradise56
    on 5 March 2013

    This story is about farmers and a fox named ‘Mr Fox’. The farmers do not like Mr fox, Mr Fox and his family live underground. Mr. fox sneaks in to the farm all the time to hunt for food for his family , the farm however belongs to the three farmers, they all dislike the fox and plot plans to shoot him.

    5out of 5
  20. sunnyrainbow123
    on 4 March 2013


  21. samcharlie123
    on 4 March 2013

    Fantastic Mr Fox is so funny!

    I loved the story, how Mr Fox plotted a fantastic plan to feed all his family and friends when they were being hunted down.

    This is another great book by Roald Dahl!

    4out of 5
  22. natashakrywald
    on 4 March 2013

    good have a good film but not as good as the book!

    4out of 5
  23. bouncybunny
    on 4 March 2013

    I read this book just before the movie came out so I could spoil the movie fr myself sad right any ways I didn’t like the book much I thought the mr fox should like his son better than the cousion .

  24. thesoupdragon44
    on 4 March 2013

    My son is only just getting into reading Roald Dahl but this one is a good story and nice and easy to read. The pictures add to the interest at this age and we love the different farmer charicters

    4out of 5
  25. lmdrld
    on 4 March 2013

    This book is brilliant and is about a group of animals that won’t give up.

  26. Magicme11
    on 20 February 2013

    This is quite funny and I love Roald Dahl’s books!

  27. sania123456
    on 17 February 2013

    I really love fantastic Mr fox especially the part where they run from bogus bunce and bean and the song.

    5out of 5
  28. smileitsfriday
    on 7 March 2012

    I love Mr Fox! It was a brilliant book and I love it! * * * *!

  29. KarlMagic33
    on 6 March 2012

    We read this for a reading book in class

  30. la1397
    on 4 March 2012

    Fantastic mr fox was such a sweet book, that i so enjoyed reading, as did my brother. I loved that it wasn’t about people, and instead about animals, because it was varying from other books I’d read at that time. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as i think any young child would.

  31. migit1
    on 4 March 2012

    great and extremly funny!!

    wonderful illastrations from quentin blake aswell

  32. bluebasher123
    on 4 March 2012

    its a fun book to read

    4out of 5
  33. AmyXx
    on 3 March 2012

    Didn’t like this book at all. But the thing is i looked at the film and then read the book and i have never done that before. So that could be the reason why i didn’t like it.

  34. hamy1710
    on 3 March 2012

    very good

  35. pilgrim55
    on 2 March 2012


  36. lids
    on 2 March 2012

    i loved it but i hate boggis and bunce and bean one fat one short one mean!!!!!!!

  37. angelslater
    on 2 March 2012

    this book is fun and must be old as my mum read it when she was younger

  38. twistofgold11
    on 1 March 2012

    This book is written so well, I love reading it over, and over again- the slyness, the plots really pulled it together, a delight to read!

    5out of 5
  39. Flissy22
    on 1 March 2012

    book is quite funny and made me giggle, if you havn’t seen the film watch it is brill, not as good as the book obviously but still good.

  40. aeroaeromonkey
    on 1 March 2012


    3out of 5
  41. indigobeam
    on 1 March 2012

    Roald Dahl is an amazing author, but this really is not my favourite book.I found it hard to imagine the characters, and the plot wasn’t realistic. Overall? Not impressed.

    2out of 5
  42. ToxicTiger
    on 1 March 2012

    Fantastic Mr Fox is a good book. It was interesting and funny and I liked all the little animals. It was a story of trust, and Roald Dahl excelled as always.

  43. class3W
    on 24 February 2012

    One of my favourite Roal Dahl storys is Fantastic Mr.Fox because the farmors do the most unusal things I have ever seen like Bean never haveing a bath or the three farmors staying infront of the fox hole and they are not as smart as the fox famaly no not one bit!

  44. flossy1998
    on 22 February 2012

    I read this book in Year4 it is really amazing a true classic tale

  45. ellis8
    on 28 January 2012

    i really enjoyed this book it had alot of whitty charcters and made me giggle.Well done roalh dalh another one of your clasics

    4out of 5
  46. Kitten-cat
    on 27 December 2011

    Really good book. I love it!

    5out of 5
  47. pawprint2
    on 13 November 2011

    This book is fantastic!!!! Everyone should read it!

    4out of 5
  48. booksrcul
    on 18 September 2011

    Fantastic! Better than the movie!

    4out of 5
  49. 88ilovebooks88
    on 17 August 2011

    brilliant book

  50. ikrah1998
    on 16 July 2011

    I think this book is a great book to read becuase its funny when they tell you about the three different people one of them ate chickens and one of ate geese and the last one drank strong apple cider.This book tells you about the three different type of farmers.

  51. Bob82
    on 15 July 2011

    i loved it

  52. cuddles8178
    on 12 July 2011

    i think it would be a good book

    5out of 5
  53. jacquelinewilsonsno1fan
    on 3 July 2011

    when i read the book it was like i was there and was watching it all happen. The book is very descriptive and funny. The way that Roald Dahl described the three villians was so incredible that you could imagine them very clearly. Fantastic Mr Fox was incredible and is suitable for all ages and i recommend this book for all readers.

    5out of 5
  54. rad12
    on 16 June 2011

    ITS the best back in the world i love it the best rohal daol book

    5out of 5
  55. TeganBrownieXD
    on 19 May 2011

    I really thought this book didn’t make sense and was very dull..

    1out of 5
  56. Kaylan
    on 21 February 2011

    I Absolotly LoveIt

    5out of 5
  57. rick123
    on 15 February 2011

    i llove is my favourite book.i keep on reading this bookkkk!!!!!!! your sincerly,

    5out of 5
  58. Dazzdazz
    on 21 December 2010


  59. hjt36
    on 13 November 2010

    The book is one of my favs…

    4out of 5
  60. kt2629
    on 6 November 2010

    I think Rhol Dahl books are brill and Fantastic Mr Fox tops them all

  61. freybentos
    on 27 August 2010

    This story is about a fox that steals food from these three very nasty farmers. And their names are Boggis, Bunce, and Bean. But they got very angry about this and came up with a plan!

  62. tc97
    on 23 June 2010

    I think this book is really good and funny.

    5out of 5
  63. molru
    on 15 February 2010

    This book is SO great it is so much better than the film .roald dahl is a very good authour

    5out of 5
  64. COOL2000
    on 7 January 2010

    well i haven’t watched the movie yet but i really liked the book it was very INTERESTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4out of 5
  65. angel106
    on 3 October 2009

    I loved this book so much!

    4out of 5
  66. shopperkate
    on 23 September 2009

    It’s great for the 5+ age group because it has simple text, easy to read and has a nice little tale. Enjoyable and just great!!

    5out of 5
  67. l0l1ipop5
    on 9 September 2009

    We read this book in school a few years ago

    5out of 5
  68. henry11
    on 2 September 2009

    i think this was a very good book and i am raold dale’s biggest fan.

    5out of 5
  69. Supre
    on 18 August 2009

    awesome as baby! this is sooo cool and hes sooo talented. its a real shame he cant write more, that would be so awesome if he culd coz it would plz more kids coz hes books are a real joy!

    Peace from Supre! Check out my awesome page! ~ plus im a real horror and vampire fan!!!!

    4out of 5
  70. sparkleflower
    on 14 May 2009

    I enjoyed it very much !

    4out of 5
  71. tabbypop
    on 13 January 2009

    fantastic mr fox is one of my many fav books it is great fun to read and i recommend it for girl and boys who like to read and learn

    5out of 5
  72. Duckbrain456
    on 14 May 2008

    Fantastic Mr. Fox is a very good book!I read it as a class novel at school and I think most of the class enjoyed it to!I would give this a 10 out of 10 because it was funny and intresting and I think 7 to 10 year olds would most enjoy this book!

    5out of 5

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