Scholastic Schools Live | Ashley and Jordan Banjo

Join the Fly High Crew! Meet Ashley Banjo and Jordan Banjo

Scholastic Schools Live: Join the Fly High Crew! Meet Ashley Banjo and Jordan Banjo
Do you love dancing? Think you could defeat an alien invasion? Then you’re ready to join the Fly High Crew – the fictional dance crew in the Fly High Crew: the Green Glow, the brand new sci-fi adventure by Ashley and Jordan Banjo.
Join us at 11am on the 23rd June for this session, where Ashley and Jordan will be chatting about growing up in their dance group Diversity, their love of sci-fi and what it’s like to write a book together. Ashley and Jordan will also be giving you some dance wisdom, so get ready to learn some brand new moves!
Ashley and Jordan Banjo are TV presenters and founding members of Britain’s Got Talent-winning street dance collective, Diversity. Ashley is currently a judge on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, and Jordan is a presenter on BBC1’s The Greatest Dancer and is the KISS FM Breakfast Show host.
Suitable for ages 7+.
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Fly High Crew
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Fly High Crew: The Green Glow

An action-packed, laugh-out-loud, high-energy story for boys and girls featuring adults taken over by aliens and a brave group of kids who must work together as a team to stop them! From TV personalities and Diversity street dance superstars, brothers Ashley and Jordan Banjo.

Brothers Trey and Jax spend after-school hours rehearsing with their street dance collective the Fly High Crew, until the evening they see a green beam of light flash out of the sky and are thrown into an out-of-this-world adventure! Aliens have landed and are mind-controlling all the teachers and adults: can the Fly High Crew work together as a team and save the day?