Scholastic Schools Live | Kereen Getten

Black History Month – Sisterhood, struggle and survival with Kereen Getten

Tuesday 5th October, 11am

Scholastic Schools Live: Black History Month - Sisterhood, struggle and survival with Kereen Getten
Join award-winning author Kereen Getten for a presentation about writing Two Sisters, her moving novel about slavery set in 1781 Jamaica and London. This session will involve a presentation about Kereen’s inspirations for Two Sisters, tips for writing your own historical adventure stories and the chance to ask Kereen questions about creative writing.
Suitable for ages 9+.
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Two Sisters: A Story of Freedom
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Voices: Two Sisters: A Story of Freedom

In this heart-stopping adventure based on real historical events, Kereen Getten takes readers on a journey of sisterhood, struggle and survival from Jamaica to Britain.

Ruth and Anna are inseparable. Ruth has always known her half-sister isn’t like her – her almost-white skin means she is allowed certain things that Ruth can only dream of.

Anna wishes she could be braver, like her sister, Ruth. But she has had to live with the fact that the smallest mistake would land not only her in danger, but Ruth and their mother, too.

When Ruth and Anna are shipped off to Master John’s home in London for their safety, it isn’t the haven they imagined. Their differences force them apart – Anna is allowed to stay upstairs while Ruth is banished to the servants’ quarters and is forced to work. With whispers of freedom on the city’s streets, will Anna find the courage to stand up for Ruth before it’s too late?