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Scholastic Schools Live | Sonali Shah and Chaaya Prabhat

The Best Diwali Ever with Sonali Shah and Chaaya Prabhat

Tuesday 2nd November, 11am

Scholastic Schools Live: The Best Diwali Ever with Sonali Shah and Chaaya Prabhat
Discover the magic of Diwali with Sonali Shah and Chaaya Prabhat! Learn all about the festival of lights and how very special the celebration can be. Come along for a fun draw along, plus a reading from Sonali and Chaaya’s new book, The Best Diwali Ever!
Sonali Shah is a freelance broadcaster best known for being one of the faces of BBC Events, BBC Sport and Newsround. Away from the camera, Sonali is an Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and the British Asian Trust. Sonali loves travelling and spending time in East Africa, where her family is from. The travelling has become less frequent now she has become a mum though – instead, Sonali has developed an interest in cooking and preparing meals for her children and the family.
Chaaya Prabhat is a graphic designer, illustrator and lettering artist. After completing her M.A. in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art and Design, she is now working independently in Chennai, India. She has worked with several clients such as Snapchat, Facebook, Google and The Obama Foundation. She has previously received awards for her portfolio and projects from Behance and Adobe.
Suitable for ages 3+.
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The Best Diwali Ever (PB)
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The Best Diwali Ever

Peek into the magic of Diwali in this heart-warming picture book about Diwali, siblings and how very special this celebration can be. This year, Ariana has plans to make Diwali an extra special celebration, with yummy sweets, divas around the house, pretty clothes, fireworks and… the rangoli competition, of course. “This year, I am DEFINITELY going to win the rangoli competition.” Everything would go perfectly to plan if it weren’t for Rafi, her annoying little brother, always up to mischief…and always being clumsy! Will he ruin Diwali too?