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Escape the Rooms with Stephen Mangan and Anita Mangan

Get ready to escape the Rooms with author Stephen Mangan and illustrator Anita Mangan on 8th June at 10.30am. In this special event you’ll meet some unforgettable characters, peek inside some incredible Rooms, see some amazing live drawing and even play a ‘would you rather’ game.
Escape the Rooms follows two children dealing with loss who have to enter a series of mysterious Rooms to solve riddles, clues and trials to find their way home. Wildly funny and endlessly surprising, Escape the Rooms is also a story about friendship, overcoming fears and being kind to yourself.
Stephen Mangan is an actor, presenter and script-writer with huge breadth in his roles across television, film, stage and radio. He is celebrated for his unique comedic gift. Stephen also voiced the title role in Postman Pat: The Movie! Anita Mangan is a successful illustrator and designer whose witty artwork appears in award-winning books for the Leon brand, Gizzi Erskine and Fearne Cotton. Escape the Rooms is their first children’s book.
Suitable for ages 9+.
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Escape the Rooms
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Escape the Rooms

A high-energy, laugh-out-loud, fully illustrated adventure story by much-loved actor Stephen Mangan and talented artist Anita Mangan. The last thing Jack expected when he bungee-jumped at the fairground was to go plummeting right through the ground into the weird, wonderful Rooms… There he must face a series of puzzles and traps alongside a mysterious girl called Cally, in order for them to find their way home. Throw in a murderous polar bear, hundreds of tiny yet ferocious lions, some mind-blowing riddles, and get ready for a hilarious, helter-skelter adventure like no other!

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