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Secondary ELT Readers Level 2


ELT Secondary Readers have real teen-appeal and include creative formats such as blogs and manga-stories as well fact-files, interviews and cross-cultural information. They include brand new adaptations of film and TV hits including Robin Hood, Life of Pi, Billy Elliot and Night at the Museum. They are all supplied with a CD featuring an audio recording of the story for reading along.

Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate: 2-3 years of English CEF stage: A2 1,000 headwords (story: up to 7,000 words) Sample language for Level 2 Readers includes:

  • present perfect
  • will future
  • past continuous
  • zero conditional
  • defining relative clauses not embedded, reflexive pronouns

The sample language does not include all elements of the full syllabus for this level.

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