Maths Readers Year 1


Master the ABC of 123!

The Maths Readers series offers an appealing way to combine maths and literacy in Year 1, using stories, poetry and non-fiction texts to express mathematical concepts. Spanning a colourful variety of formats and styles, the book-banded titles introduce young learners to first maths topics such as adding and subtracting, shapes, sequences, weights and measures, estimates and symmetry, supporting all the key maths strands.

Bright, friendly stories and non-fiction texts help children to grasp core maths concepts using vivid and memorable examples, while also building reading confidence with an exciting range of text types. The readers reinforce skills in numeracy, critical thinking and problem solving, and provide a rich offering of fiction and non-fiction reading.

The children’s books are supplied in packs of six, and are perfect for guided reading or for use as a whole-class resource. Each six-pack comes with an interactive CD-ROM version of the book, with page-turning technology that lets you share the book on your whiteboard and annotate or highlight text as you work through it.

The Maths Readers series is also available for Reception and Year 2.

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