Read & Respond Interactive


A wealth of digital resources to enhance and extend your work on the best-loved children’s books.

  • Comprehensive teachers’ notes pull together the digital texts into coherent lesson plans.
  • Interactive writing frames included to structure writing tasks.
  • Interactive text extracts on CD-ROM to annotate with your class.
  • Cross-curricular photos and videos to put the story in context.
  • Author interviews and biography.
  • Interactive whiteboard activities.


Read & Respond Interactive

What are the minimum system requirements for the Read & Respond Interactive CDs?

You will need a PC or Mac with a 4x speed CD-ROM drive and 128MB RAM; Recommended minimum processor speed 450Mhz.; Windows 98/2000/XP or Mac OSX 10.2 or later; 16bit sound card and graphics card.

Read & Respond Interactive

Do the Key Stage 2 CD-ROMs come with animation?

Our Key Stage 2 CD-ROMs have audio in place of the animation that we have on the KS1 books. The audio content is more in line with the 7-11 age range.

Series structure

Read & Respond

To get started with Read & Respond all you need to do is:

  1. Choose a children’s book, from Owl Babies to Kensuke’s Kingdom, to study with your class
  2. Order the corresponding Read & Respond Teacher Resource Book
  3. Add a Read & Respond Interactive CD-ROM to really get your lessons buzzing!

Read & Respond Teacher Resource Titles

In-depth analysis of each book to get the whole class thinking about the story—and expressing their thoughts aloud and in writing. Within each Teacher Resource Book you’ll find:

  • Background information
  • Detailed chapter notes
  • Plot, character and setting activities
  • Shared reading section, with three extracts to read as a class
  • ‘Talk about it’ section to get the children discussing feelings and ideas around the book
  • ‘Get writing’ activities to help children structure and express their views about the book
  • Assessment activities*

Read & Respond Interactive

These multimedia CD-ROMs can be used as standalone products, or to expand upon the corresponding Read & Respond teacher’s book. Read & Respond Interactive is ideal for exploring cross-curricular themes and for inspiring reluctant readers.

Each CD-ROM contains:

  • Teaching notes, including lesson plans, differentiation, cross-curricular links and editable notes
  • An author interview or biography
  • Audio clips
  • Text extracts
  • Cross-curricular photos and video clips to help put the story into context
  • A word bank – linked to the text extracts – containing audio and text definitions
  • A selection of interactive whiteboard activities.

Children’s Books

We can supply each children’s title covered by the Read & Respond series as a pack of 6 or 30 books, or as a single purchase.

Case study

Teacher, Melissa Evans takes a look at the Read & Respond Interactive for us.

This new resource has a lot to offer for both practitioner and children alike. The interactive CD-ROM helps to encourage not only language and literacy skills but also the opportunity to develop keyboard, mouse and navigational skills when using a computer. Importantly this resource can be used for individual, paired or group learning and is great to use on an interactive whiteboard.

The children love to flick between the easy-to-use on screen menu and take great delight in re-telling the story by sequencing the pictures or by reading the extracts in turn. Children are able to engage in repetitive language when learning word patterns. It fosters the natural curiosity of words, through rhyming and sentence structure which are essential parts of developing competence when reading and writing.

For practitioners, the CD-ROM offers accessible, supportive resources to enhance and extend a wide variety of abilities within the classroom. It provides excellent cross-curricular links which supports planning. Fundamentally, the CD-Rom offers a wealth of learning opportunities and insight into a book that is adored by many children. It enables children to learn through doing in a fun and illuminating way.