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Like a Girl
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Our April Book of the Month

Like a Girl by Rebecca Westcott

“Our Book of the Month for ages 11+ is Like a Girl by Rebecca Westcott. Eden McCoy doesn’t fit in. All she’s good at is running and she doesn’t even dare join the track team. Her priority is staying in the shadows to avoid the Glossies – a ruthless clique of girls who use social media to punish and humiliate their targets. But when Eden beats one of the Glossies in a race she captures the attention of their queen, Bea, who decides Eden needs to either prove her loyalty and become one of them or suffer the consequences…

A sharply written contemporary novel on bullying, Like a Girl addresses the challenges girls face in school and online and the courage that is needed to be yourself. This powerful topic was chosen through a survey carried out by Scholastic with author Rebecca Westcott of nearly 1000 UK teenagers about their feelings towards social media. As well as empathetically exploring tough topics the book celebrates the joy of exercise and the importance of community and is a perfect read for fans of Tamsin Winter and Holly Bourne.”

Emma – Book Club Editor, Ages 7-11+
Emma – Book Club Editor, Ages 7-11+

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