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Our April Book of the Month

The Day I Fell Down the Toilet by Stephen Mangan & Anita Mangan

“Our Book of the Month for age 7+ is the latest hilarious story from much-loved scriptwriter and comedy actor Stephen Mangan: The Day I Fell Down the Toilet! Timothy Trench finds it difficult to make decisions, so when he is mistakenly plunged down a toilet into the land that jokes come from, he knows he’s in trouble. The queen of the country has completely lost her sense of humour and the people need Timothy to decide on the funniest joke in the land as their last shot at making her laugh and restoring joke-production to full strength. Imagine a world where the only jokes are stale old Dad jokes – disaster!

This book is a high-energy, laugh-out-loud, fully illustrated adventure from the creators of the bestselling The Fart that Changed the World and The Great Reindeer Rescue. This brilliantly silly and imaginative story is overflowing with toilet humour and packed full of pictures by the talented Anita Mangan. An example of wildly funny storytelling with a message that any kid can be a hero! Perfect for fans of Roald Dahl, David Baddiel and David Walliams.”

Emma – Book Club Editor, Ages 7-11+
Emma – Book Club Editor, Ages 7-11+

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